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“If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple. Know what you are doing. Love what you are doing. And believe in what you are doing.”

—Will Rogers

Hollywood 2X
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Our Approach
Our approach to architecture is grounded in :

C R E A T I V I T Y     |     P R A C T I C A L I T Y     |     S E R V I C E

We are building a team of relationships with people who have the vision to unify, simplify, design and implement.

When you empower people to have control over their environment it makes them feel good. In 2005 we completed construction on the world’s first car Wash powered by the SUN! We just completed a conversion of both water heating and primary electrical power in our studio work space.

When people are aware of the space and surrounding environment around them I believe they aspire to better themselves, become more productive and maybe they are a little happier. Our clients get excited about the buildings we build for them. I have witnessed joy building in our construction projects.

Traveling through a new place focuses my eyes to pay closer attention because this could be the last time that I encounter this place. Back at home is where familiarity can dull the senses. We struggle to seek comfort in a changing world. Change is our new constant in the technology world.

We are visionary developers: on the humble mission of rebuilding the city one square foot at a time.

Design knows no scale when you consider pattern and forces in nature. A river originates as a tiny spring, the pattern of it’s snake like path gathers speed and volume forever undergoing the forces of CHANGE. Its form however remains constant. We adopt diagrams in the ideas that we are building. These are as everlasting as the principles for which they stand. Nature governs our universe, so we pay attention and quote her often with pride.

Design in the material world relies on interpretation, practicality and maintenance in application. Similar to the world of fashion design, the Material selected will express ideas that evoke and are connected to the huge range of human emotion. Color and texture are considered to create specific moods in our work.

By design, we measure increments physically and emotionally. The clock measures units of energy consumed by a building’s mechanical system. And our heart and memory instantly calculates the measure of decades. Think about a hit song of the 1960’s rock era and let this memory of an experience take you on a journey. We have nothing but time.

Since the energy in our universe originates with our sun, why not return to the basics? As a student, I built a passive solar water heater for a shower at the UC Santa Cruz farm in 1975 just prior to my first trip to Europe. When I scalded my hand under the 120 degree temperature water, I seared the memory of solar power into my core. It is simply smart to save energy. Adapting solar into our consumption quotient creates a healthy paradigm shift. Self reliance in the consumer culture builds personal confidence and can reduce our collective cynicism.


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