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Martin Roy Mervel, AIA

My name is Martin Mervel, an Architect with 30+ years experience with only one intent ...
client satisfaction and content. Achieving this aim is simply delivering a diversified design experience in both residential and commercial projects at affordable prices that include mindful completion timelines and guaranteeing that all work is performed the right way, without compromise.

Testimonials tell my story. My past clients are my sales team.... “I am going to highly recommend you to all my friends or anyone who asks for a good architect” .... “So much more than what we expected” .... “I eagerly, urgently recommend Martin Mervel as your architect. He has the right combination of talent, taste and persistence to help you build the house of your dreams”.... “Martin is a wonderful architect, meticulous down to the last detail”.
The one I want all my new clients to hear is, “Martin took what could have been a tramatic experience and made it into one we really enjoyed”.

I am not only a devoted Architect, I am also a hands-on carpenter, and I value the human necessity for making objects and defining space. I understand our profession demands a high level of collaboration in a competitive market where the economics of delivering on schedule and on budget are equivalent to creating a new economy of beauty. Design is independent of scale. It is present at all levels in the universe.

As an Architect, my main focus is dedicated to commerical and residential design and remodel. One of my qualifying talents is my ability to see a number of different ways to design your project because of my history in both commerical and residential design and a very unique movie media design background. I have always been creative because of my exceptional talent channels and artistic vision as both an Art Director and a Set Designer for the Movie Studios. Movies like, … “Austin Powers”, .… “International Man of Mystery”, and .... Michael Jackson’s 6 million dollar video SCREAM are only a few examples of my work and creativity in film Set Designs.
Be it your home or business, I will always design plans that fulfill your wishes.
I simply deliver plans as they are seen through your vision.

Each of my projects present a unique challenge and I deliver each project with a creative design solution collaborating step by step with my clients. These solutions can be recognized with awards and recognition. For example the work I delivered for Morphosis team at Kate Mantilini Restaurant in Beverly Hills which was recently designated as a local official landmark. Another was the Crawford Residence in Montecito, California or a special Tea House Pavillion for one of my celebrity clients which was dubbed the “Sacred Space”. Whether it is local landmark or your kitchen remodel it will receive the same dedication with only one conclusion .... Satisfaction by my clients.

Lessons from iconic heroes like Albert Frey, John Lautner, Rudolph Shindler and my dear, late friend Julius Shulman continue to teach me that keeping one foot in front of the other and focusing on the expressions of enduring design principles are what life is all about. Recently I co-curated the exhibition entitled “TIMEless” at the Pacific Design Center exploring creativity in both worlds of Architecture and Film design. Design process connects ideas to program with vision. As we grow, life inspires us to build with evolving technology. While giving people what they want, I listen and provide comprehensive service with a path leading to a light of completion with satisfaction.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning at UC Santa Cruz (1978) and attended the Master’s Program as well as taught at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) from 1985- 1995. I am a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and I have served on the Board of Directors at the Heritage Square Museum in Highland Park.

I am an Angelino and have lived in Los Angeles for the past 55 years. My motto has been the same for the last 35 years. “Deliver Excellence Without Compromise”

I am an accomplished Architect who is passionate about assisting you to bring your ideas and dreams to life. I will prove to be an asset to you because I listen with the same compassion and enthusiasm you share in your ideas with a dedication to bring your dreams to reality.
I am the Architect who delivers your project the right way, without any compromise.

I am Martin Mervel and I look forward to working with you.

1431 Ewing Street Los Angeles 90026 CA 310 279-3393


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