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Background: What does it take to transform the life of a homeless person living on the streets to getting employed? The mission of Chrysalis, a nonprofit organization, is to help people on the street, the economically disadvantaged become self sufficient through employment. After 21 years in existence, Chrysalis asks, "What is the impact of space on raising self esteem and human transformation?" Thus the context for this 5,000 square foot tenant improvement remodel is "Changing lives through jobs."

Program: Provide administrative, office, classroom and computer training spaces with adequate storage in an extant masonry 2 story structure. Design a community resource utilizing only the first floor at street level.

Materials: Metal studs, Gypsum wall Board, Tectum, LUMA Site, Aluminum, Slate, Douglas Fir Plywood, Brick, Steel.

Lessons: Space serves as a social worker. People relax around colors derived from the natural environment. Self motivation is the answer to providing people with work. The space we created enables people to soar in the journey of life. People, together with "welcome space" can achieve the social mission.

CIRCA 2005

(click on photos in the image below for a larger view)

(click on photos in the image below for a larger view)

Photos: Julius Shulman


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