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Light in Space
Commissioned for the Santa Monica "Gallery of Functional Art" in 1990 as a ceiling installation, this illuminated sculpture interprets the relationship between animal world and machine world. It was also exhibited at "Gallery 91" in New York City and can be installed on wall, floor, or ceiling surfaces.
CIRCA 1990

Materials: Aluminum, rubber, silk, porcelain keyless "A" lamp bases

(click on photos in the image below for a larger view)

Fire Light
The client lived in a condominium adjacent to the beach and wanted her existing fireplace transformed by creating one of both art and function. The only practical aspects involved would be firewood storage and adequate and proper lighting of the final installation. The materials chosen were cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum and glass.
CIRCA 1989

A spark creates fire.
Fire destroys matter and creates heat.
When matter is destroyed new patterns arise.
Time is measured and recorded with mechanical devices.
Light is used to sketch unpredicted relationships.
Fragment and whole are addressed
The installation is an intrusion to domestic space.
The alien is welcomed.


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